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Peugeot Bicycle Models

Identifying Peugeot Bicycles
There are almost as many Peugeot models as there are Peugeot bikes. Peugeot sold bicycles throughout the world and often used different models for each country. The same bike shipped to another country had a different model number. Peugeot issued several different catalogs for the same years. Some models were different because they had different tires on them! Imagine trying to find out which 1970s model you have after half a dozen tire changes and three owners.

So, if someone tells you that your Peugeot is a specific model, imagine the word “probably” at the end of their sentence. What you can usually find out is where your bike falls in the line: bottom, middle, top of the line.

Your best bet for detirmining the age of your bike is to match your decals up with the decals in old catalogs. Start with the head badge and then move to the rest of the stickers. The fonts, colors, stripes, and details have all changed bit by bit over the years. You can usually get pretty close to the right year with this alone.

Once you have picked out a year or two where the decals seem to match your bike, try to find the components that go with your ride. Many of the catalogs will have a spec sheet near the back that lists all of the models for that year along with all of the major components on that model. You will be hard pressed to find an exact match, so don't feel too bad if you can't say with detirmination that your Peugeot is a specific model designation.

Unfortunately, the serial number (if you can find one) isn't going to tell you a thing. Many manufacturers stamped date codes and other details into the serial number. Peugeot did not.

The following models and dates are estimates gathered from a fair amount of web searching. If you have better info than I, please forward it to Cutter@Re-Cycle.com. Also, please send me pictures of bikes (include make, model, and serial number). Thanks.

Peugeot Models:
103 () Your Peugeot bicycle is NOT a Peugeot 103. This is merely the type of tubing that was used to construct the frame. The best stuff (of the time) was Reynolds 531 tubing. Fun Fact: The Peugeot 103 was one of Peugeot’s mopeds from the 1970s.
AO-8 (1971)
Aspin (1989)
BIMA (1953) Motorbike. Not quite a bike, not quite a motorcycle.
CFX-10 (1980)
Cosmic (1989)
D-22 (1969)
D-40 (1969)
DA-22 E (1972)
DA-40 E (1972)
G-40 (1972)
G-45 C (1972)
G-50 C (1972)
G-50 CD (1972)
Galibier (1989)
Grand Bi (1882-)
Iseran ()
J-8 (1972)
NJ (1972)
NS-22 (1972)
NS-40 (1972)
NSL-22 (1974)
NSL-40 (1974)
P-10 (1929-1976)
P-2 (1929)
P-40 (1929)
P-5 (1929)
P-8 (1969)
P-8 E (1972)
P-8 EH (1969)
PA-10 (1963-1973)
PA-10 E (1970-1974)
PA-10 EH (1970)
PA-10 LE (1977-1978)
PA-10 S (1971)
PA-60 (1974-1978)
PAN-10 LE (1978)
PBN-13 (1983)
PC-10 (1951)
PC-10 SP (1935-1936)
PC-10 AL (1935-1936)
PC-8 (1935-1952)
PE-22 (1969-1972)
PE-25 (1969-1972)
PE-40 (1972)
PE-41 (1969-1972)
PE-45 (1972)
PFN-10 (1983)
PG-17 (1952-1958)
PG-19 (1952-1958)
PH-10 (1950-1983)
PH-12 (1983)
PH-60 (1950-1952)
PH-65 (1950-1952)
PH-8 (1951-1952)
PHL-41 (1935-1936)
PHL-44 (1935-1936)
PHL-50 (1936)
PHR-50 (1952)
PHR-55 (1952)
PHX-10 (1953)
PHX-40 (1953)
PHX-45 (1953)
PHX-50 (1953)
PHX-55 (1953)
PHX-60 (1953)
PHX-65 (1953)
PHX-8 (1953)
PI-40 (1936)
PKN-10 (1980)
PL-40 (1935-1958)
PL-45 (1957-1958)
PL-50 (1957-1958)
PL-55 (1957)
PL-8 (1957-1963)
PLX-10 (1955-1958)
PLX-40 (1957-1958)
PLX-45 (1957-1958)
PLX-50 (1957-1958)
PLX-55 (1957)
PLX-8 (1957-1958)
PN-10 LE (1977)
PNC-40 (1936-1953)
PNC-45 (1953)
PNC-50 (1953)
PNC-55 (1953)
PNSL-22 (1974)
PNX (1972)
PP-17 (1952-1958)
PP-18 (1957)
PP-19 (1952-1958)
PR-10 (1973-1976)
PR-10 LE (1977-1979)
PR-60 (1978)
PR-65 (1978)
PRN-10 E (1978)
PRN-10 LE (1977-1979)
PRO-10 (1984-1985)
PRP-40 (1953)
PRP-50 (1953-1958)
PRP-55 (1953-1957)
PS-10 (1978-1979)
PS-10 LE (1977)
PS-22 (1958)
PS-25 (1958)
PS-40 (1958)
PS-45 (1958)
PSN-10 (1978-1979)
PSt-40 (1935)
PSV-10 S (1983)
PSVN-10 (1984)
PU-22 (1952-1957)
PU-25 (1952-1957)
PU-3 (1952)
PU-40 (1935-1957)
PU-45 (1952-1957)
PVN-10 (1980)
PX-10 (1963-1975) Reynolds 531 tubing with Nervex lugs, Mavic tubular rims, Normandy Luxe Competition hubs, Stronglight 93 cotterless cranks, Simplex derailleurs, Simplex seat post, and Brooks Professional saddle all came on the stock PX-10. This was the premier Peugeot of the 1970’s and is still a high quality ride. Some of these can sell for hundreds of dollars today in good condition. If your PX-10 has Stronglight 63 cranks (with a 49D logo), talk to somebody who knows about old bikes. This one could be worth a lot of money.
Eddie Merckx rode one for the Peugeot team in the early part of his career.
PX-10 C (1979)
PX-10 DU (1983)
PX-10 E (1983)
PX-10 LE (1974-1978)
PX-10 SH (1986)
PX-40 (1953)
PX-45 (1953)
PX-50 (1953-1963)
PX-55 (1953)
PX-60 (1974-1976)
PX-8 (1953-1972)
PXN-10 (1980)
PY-10 (1976-1979) This was Peugeot’s top model throughout the 70’s. The PY-10 was identical to the Peugeot factory team’s bikes. 531-DB tubing, gold anodized Mafac brakes. Bernard Thevenet won the 1977 Tour de France on a PY-10.
PY-10 CP (1977-1979)
PY-10 EC (1978-1979)
PY-10 FC (1983-1986)
PY-10 LC (1980)
PY-10 LCP (1979)
PY-10 P (1988)
PY-10 S (1981-1983)
PZ-10 (1983)
Record du Monde () Your Peugeot bicycle is NOT a Peugeot Record du Monde. This decal is on multiple Peugeot models from this era. It is French for “Record of the World” or World’s Record.
RML (1972)
TM-8 (1978) Tandem
UE-18 () The Mixte version of the UE-8
UE-8 () A touring bike with fenders, rear rack, and lights & generator.
UO-18 () The Mixte version of the UO-8
UO-8 (1975) This was very popular during the 1970’s bike boom and there are plenty of these to come by. The UO-8 had a carbon steel frame, steel handlebars, steel rims with Normandy large flange quick-release hubs, Simplex Prestige derailleurs, and Mafac brakes
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