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Schwinn History

On October 22, 1895 Adolph Arnold and Ignaz Schwinn incorporated Arnold, Schwinn & Company in Chicago, IL. At one point Schwinn was about as American as apple pie. It is by far the most well known American bicycle manufacturer and many older models are highly sought after by collectors. The company was helmed by someone with the last name Schwinn for 97 years. The history of Schwinn is the history of cycling in America.

1880s-1908 Ignaz Schwinn
1909-1930s The Schwinn Balloon Tire Era
1930s-1941 Schwinn Quality
1941-1949 The Schwinn Brand
1950-1959 Authorized Schwinn Dealers
1960-1970s The 10-Speed and the Sting-Ray
1970s-1975 The 1970s Bicycle Boom
1975-1982 The Schwinn BMX
1982-1987 The Last Chicago Schwinn
1988-1995 Schwinn Bankruptcy
Epilogue The Schwinn Name
Schwinn Serial Numbers and Date Codes
Schwinn Models
Schwinn Head Badges and Decals
Schwinn Publications
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